Thursday, December 8, 2011

fa la la la la

My halls are decked!
They were actually decked the weekend after Thanksgiving, I am just getting around to sharing with you.
This is the first year in a long time that I actually felt joy while I was decorating.  Owning a business can suck the fun out of the season, if you let it.  I decided this year I would pursue joy!
I own a lot of Christmas things I have had for years, that hold fond memories of times past, as well as new things I find along the way that spark my interest.
I like to pull out red and green things I already own, that make me happy.  Teapots, coffee cups, cookbooks, and then find a way to let them join the fun.
Today I share with you the tiny things I have tucked here and there. You will find I have quite a fondness for snowmen.
Yes, old telephone nooks do still serve a purpose!

More to come as my little Christmas tour continues.  Are you decking your halls?


  1. I love little treasures tucked here and there! Your snowmen are very cute. I'm impressed that you are so decorated already! We are getting our tree this weekend. Then the fun really begins!

  2. Haven't decorated yet, still no tree! But, we have the same telephone nook as you in our front hall and we have our phone there. I love old houses. Looking festive at your house!

  3. Everything looks simply beautiful. Especially like the little guy peeking out from the green teapot. Adorable. Now, if only there was a little snow to make it festive!


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