Wednesday, December 28, 2011

recipe box Wednesday

Realizing I have completely neglected my semi-regular feature on Wednesdays, today I have a new, EASY recipe that you can whip up in no time.

I claim no creativity here, I found out about it on the interwebs and I am sharing it with you, in this season of giving....

Do you love turtles?  (not the slimy ones, the candy kind).  I do, and my mother has always been a big fan.  My favorite turtles are from Tremblays (I have been to their stores in Stillwater, MN and  Hayward, WI),  here is their on-line store:

But with no time for a fun day of shopping in either of those picturesque cities, I made some!

Easy Turtles

1 bag of Rolo candies (you will need to unwrap them)
OR 3 or 4 rolls of Rolos (you won't have to unwrap the individual ones)
mini pretzels (I used the square ones from Snyders, and the stars from Old Dutch)
pecan halves, or whole cashews, or roasted almonds-choose your favorite nut!

Preheat the oven to 350.  Place pretzels on a baking sheet, top each with a rolo.  Pop in the oven for 3 or 4 minutes.  As soon as you take them out, use a spatula to slip them onto a cooling rack.  (this can be a little messy, so be careful, as the rolos are melting as you work).  The minute they hit the rack, top them with a nut and smash the rolo down a bit.

Let them cool (you will be very tempted to eat them all up-but they won't be as messy once they have cooled)!

Not as good as Tremblay's, but they sure work in a fix!  Sorry I have no photos, I ate them all.


  1. Ooh, my Mom made these turtles this year! They are delicious. She used the pecan on top. I think I'll go get a couple right now.

  2. They were the most delicious part of my Christmas. Thank you.


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