Monday, December 26, 2011

our Christmas baby

It was December of 1973 and my mom was expecting her third child.  At eleven years old, most of my friends moms were done having kids, so it was kind of strange to have a pregnant mom.  (She was 31 at the time, which back then seemed SO OLD to be having a baby, boy how things have changed!)

And of course at the age of eleven, all I was worried about was how much having a baby in our house would change MY life.  I had been five when my brother was born, and had been in total heaven helping to care for him.  But this, this was different.  I already knew I was going to be sharing a room with this new baby, which didn't sound fun to me at all.

Christmas eve we were at my aunt's house, busy eating snacks and opening gifts.  My mom seemed quieter than usual, and every once in a while I caught her wincing, hoping no one was noticing.  But it was Christmas eve, the BEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR when you are a kid, so I didn't pay too much attention to her.

When we got home, my brother and I were busy putting on our new pajamas, making sure there were cookies for Santa, and desperately trying to go to sleep.

I awoke early on Christmas day, as most children do, and hurried down the hall to see what Santa had brought.    I couldn't figure out why my aunt was there, on the couch, until she told me that my mom and dad were at the hospital!  Then it hit me, today would not be a normal Christmas day at all, I was getting a new brother or sister for Christmas!  (Bless my mom's heart, she wouldn't leave for the hospital until she had filled our stockings and put the gifts from Santa under the tree, she did everything she could to keep things normal.)

I remember my dad arriving home shortly after that, glowing and smiling from ear to ear, proudly telling Kelly and I that we had a beautiful new baby sister, and that our mom was resting and ready to sleep the day away.

We dressed in our Christmas clothes and headed out to my grandparent's house for Christmas dinner-it just wasn't the same without my mom.  Back then, kids weren't allowed to visit moms in the hospital, so we didn't get to see her until she came home a couple of days later.  With our amazing new baby.  And oh, she was the most beautiful baby ever born.  And she still is.

Turns out I LOVED taking care of her.  My parents would tease her that I was her real mom.  Which may be why we are so very close, to this day.

Happy Birthday to my amazing sister.  You are brave and strong, courageous and caring, kind and smart.  You are independent and the most incredible mom to your son. You were the best thing that ever happened to our family, and we are so blessed that you are in our lives!!!  LOVE YOU!

And I can't wait to help you celebrate in a few days.  After all, when you are born on Christmas day, you should get to celebrate for an entire week!


  1. Oh fer Pete's sake, I just saw this now! That's what happens when you put your computer away for Christmas. I have been so lucky to have a big sister like you, whether it be for changing diapers (sorry!), and just for loving me no matter what. Thank you for such a wonderful post.

  2. What a wonderful & fitting tribute! Happy birthday, Heather! :o)


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