Friday, December 2, 2011

turkey day remembered

Was it really just a week ago that the holiday madness began?  That yummy turkey dinner seems far more than a week ago, what happens to the passage of time in December?

Here we are, enjoying our meal (the desserts are on the table to remind us to leave room....):
Here is the food:
And yes, Mike is growing his beard for the winter, here he is in profile enjoying a piece of lefse.  We really love lefse.  Maybe someday I will make my own, but for now Mrs. Olson's from Gonvick fills the bill.
The leftovers have been tossed, and I made a huge batch of stock from the carcass.  Moving on to December.

What will you do this first December weekend?


  1. We make lefse for Christmas every year. Well, my mom makes it. I need to learn soon! Tomorrow is a big "Shop At Home" day in our neighborhood. I'll be out and about looking at crafts and sales.

  2. We don't see Charlie as much as we used to - gosh does he grow by the minute?

  3. Looks wonderful! So nice to see a glimpse of your Thanksgiving meal. :o)


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