Monday, May 30, 2011

birthday fun

May is the month of birthdays-Mike, my brother, my dad, Mike's dad, Mike's aunt, and no less than eight friends all have birthdays in May.  Happy Birthdays abound!

The celebration had started on Saturday, when Tracy and I saw "Bridesmaids" (HILARIOUS!!! Grab a girlfriend and GO!)

followed by a glass of pinot at the Scusi wine bar.  Heaven.  On Sunday Tracie stopped by for a visit with a straw bag full of farmer's market goodies for me.  Heaven.  (and yes, many of my friends are named Tracy...)  Mike even made his famous spaghetti for dinner that night, and it wasn't even my birthday yet!

My day last Monday started blissfully, Mike and Charlie brought me breakfast and presents in bed. Just not having to wake up with the alarm was my first gift of the day. I opened cards and gifts from afar, and relished hearing from family and friends.

After Charlie left for school, Mike and I headed out for a drive to Wisconsin after fueling up with a coffee stop along the Mississippi.  The day tried to be sunny, with not a lot of succcess, but it wasn't raining.

We had an antique stop in Prescott, where I found lots of vintage buttons and an amazing library drawer section.  We stopped in Nelson for cheese and ice cream. We had lunch in Alma, at a perfect spot with views of Lake Pepin and delicious bbq.

This is what 49 looks like.  Sigh.  And yes, I had a beer with my bbq.  I was in Wisconsin, for heaven's sake.

We strolled the streets of Alma, I loved this sign.  Open, Shut.  Makes sense to me!  Unfortunately, on a Monday in May, most business are Shut.  We did find this little spot open for business, The Garden Gate.  I picked up some lovely zinnias and another heuchera addition.

We stopped at my very favorite garden place in the world, in Stockholm.  I spent birthday money on a Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea, some more catnip for Claude (he has already harvested what I had growing), and another heuchera-they had quite a collection.  Look for a post tomorrow, Stockholm Gardens is so wonderful it needs it's own post.

We wound our way home, along the beautiful vistas of Highway 35, and my heart was happy and content.  As it should be on a birthday. 

These views are from Buena Vista Park, up the hill from Alma.  A very peaceful spot.

I was glad I was able to spend the day with my hubby.  And glad he brought his camera.

We finished the day with Johnny Depp and "Pirates", and upon arriving home found even more gifts and flowers (yes, from another Tracy, and a Joanne) waiting on my step.

If only birthdays came more than once a year!  Thank you to everyone for your wishes and gifts, and for making my day PERFECT.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day! I'm happy you were spoiled by friends & family. By the way, you are so pretty. :o)


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