Tuesday, May 17, 2011

tis the season

Dirt bike season, that is.  Smelly shin guards and mud encrusted boots.  Boy free weekends where I have the house to myself.

I kinda like it!  I will gladly do stinky laundry and pack lunches for a little me time.

The season started on May 1st, as I have already posted about, and it was cold and snowing.

Last weekend Mike and Charlie headed to Wisconsin Rapids for a dirt bike school-it was cold but no snow this time.

Charlie is getting better every time he gets on his bike.  Look at that concentration!

He loved the day.

The teachers were great.

He is building his confidence level by leaps and bounds (or logs and rocks!)

I love that he and Mike have something they enjoy doing together, a sport I hope they will continue with for many years.

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