Thursday, May 12, 2011

dirt in my fingernails

While winter decided to make an extended stay this year, or so it seemed, I spent nights dreaming of what I would plant.

My tulips are showing their full finery after these last two humid days, they may close up again with the cold and rain expected this weekend.  I have a really funky orange and green one that I will share pictures of soon.  I can't believe they survived our neighborhood rabbit, perhaps it found something better to munch on.

I have already made several expensive extensive garden shop trips, including attending the Friends Plant Sale at the fairgrounds on Sunday.  Some fun new varieties, and plants new to me, that I am popping in my beds, window boxes, and containers.  A new favorite?  A golden leafed bleeding heart, that gets deep red blooms.  It's such a nice contrast to my other bleeding hearts, I have a white bloomer and a standard pink bloomer.  And for fun, in the fall, when the other plant's leaves turn golden, this one will turn green.

Look for a tour next week!

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  1. The tulip is stunning! I would love to see that new bleeding heart. Sounds gorgeous! Happy gardening.


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