Thursday, May 19, 2011

my favorite time of the year

It only lasts a short time, but oh how we relish it.  Those precious days when the earth truly comes alive.

The crabapples are in bloom, everywhere you go.  White,  and shades of pale pink to deep magenta are highlighted against the new green of the leaves.  Some of the trees on our street (planted to replace all those lost in the great ash tree massacre last summer) are crabs, we have a Japanese Tree Lilac in our yard, when it is in bloom I will share it with you.  Sadly, they are not quite enough to hide our ugly electric poles, like our stately old ash trees did.

A green so intense it nearly burns our eyes, so used to the drab browns and grays of the last few months.

Fragrant air drifts through open windows.  Birds are singing, calling, finding mates, creating nests.

The lilacs are getting ready to bloom.  I cut armfulls and put them in old white pitchers in every room of the house.

'Snow on the Mountain' blankets the front flower bed.

My shrubs are the most beautiful lime green.

And my very favorite early perenial 'Bishop's Cap' is in it's tiny, delicate bloom.  Look at those leaves, those blossoms!

My heart is full, and I am out enjoying every single minute of it that I can.  So please excuse the lack of blogging this week!  I have plenty more to share next week, flowers everywhere.


  1. Lovely! You're ahead of us. Can't wait for lilacs, I bring big loads in the house too. Yummm.

  2. My flowering crab has been gorgeous this year. It was worth waiting for. Beautiful pictures of your garden.

  3. I have to agree with Tracy. My flowering crab was absolutely spectacular this year. Your garden is the most beautiful around. Thank you for the gorgeous white lilacs!


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