Thursday, May 26, 2011

garden tour continues

Today it's the sunny parts.

Here is my front window box, I went rather traditional this year with basic red geraniums, yellow daisies, and orange marigolds.  I threw in some Superbells 'Apricot Punch', along with my favorite sweet potato vine.  The lime adds such a nice touch.  Although the fact that I need to do some serious painting can't be hidden with any number of flowers...

On the front step, I found a huge square pot at Ikea.  It's the fake terra cotta, that is nice and light.  While I actually prefer the traditional clay, my back thanks me that I chose this instead.

I had so much fun with all of that real estate, it's filled with yellow ranunculus, 'molten lava' oxalis, black eyed susan vine crawling up the iron cage,

'pinstripe' petunias, more red geraniums, and an 'orange fizz' scented geranium (I rub it's leaves everytime I pop out to get the mail, my daily aromatherapy).

In my front hanging basket, I have a 'firecracker' dahlia for the centerpiece, surrounded by some orange lantana and a new green plant for me, 'limon' jewels of opar.  Can't wait to see how this looks in a few weeks, and after some sunny days.

Also in front (I have one in the back yard too, that is the one in the picture) a pot full of 'copper glow' oxalis, 'goldilocks' creeping jenny, a 'crystal palace gem' exotic geranium, and a 'glow yellow' fusion impatiens.  This one will just get better through the summer.

In the back yard, my windowboxes are sporting more red geraniums along with 'juicy fruit kumquat' nemesia,

'angelart orange' nemesia, more exotic geraniums,  more superbells, and sweet potato vine.

Hanging on the garage, I combined orange dahlias with 'wild lime' coleus, and 'candy corn' vine to add some textural interest.

Lastly, I planted a big pot with a fun sun loving coleus, 'sweet georgia' sweet potato vine, black petunias, and hopefully climbing up the trellis and showing off it's blooms-a 'great cascade' wine red lophospermum vine.  I had one in my beds last year and loved it.  Right now it's hiding behind the coleus.

This is why I have been too busy to new things in the beds in the next post.


  1. Oh how fun to see all your bright pots & window boxes! I've always wanted to plant ranunculus, but have never found it here. I love nemesia, but have never seen the juicy fruit kumquat variety. I adore lime green accent plants. This was great!

  2. O.K. - I think this year will be the most beautiful year ever. Your pots and window boxes are stunning.


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