Wednesday, June 1, 2011

welcome June!

May flew by far too quickly, I feel I didn't take the proper time to enjoy the new green as it emerged, or the unfurling of the tulip blooms. 

The crabapples seem to have bloomed and gone almost overnight, and my lilacs have finished their show.  Shriveled and brown, the spent blooms still hold a tiny wiff of intoxicating fragrance.  They have said farewell, and we must wait another whole year for their performance, when they will again waken our winter stuffed noses to the wonder of spring.

But now it is June, and I have thirty more days to appreciate all that is around me!  To celebrate the month, I share with you the photos Mike took when we were at Stockholm Gardens last week.

It is nestled along Hiway 35 in Wisconsin, perfectly suited to catch the breezes off of Lake Pepin that give it it's very own microclimate.  The old barn welcomes you.  Inside where chickens once roosted, you will find trellises and pots and garden delights.

The sweet little house is where you bring your purchases to have them tallied, after lingering a moment on the porch to take in the sweep of beautifully planted lawn.

Perennials not easily found at other garden shops can be found here, tucked in amongst favorites.

It is peaceful, and soothing to the soul.

Perhaps you will wander up the hill a bit, to the greenhouse where herbs and vegetables await.

You may spot a young new tree, or a shrub to take home to grace your yard.  The family dog may stop by to say hello.

And you will always be greeted with a smile, and will leave basking in the glow of Wisconsin hospitality-your beautiful new plants beckoning to you from the back seat of your car, eager to be placed in their new home.

How will you celebrate June?  Planting something new is always a good way to greet a summer month.


  1. Looks like a wonderful place to visit. Wisconsin has so many quaint little towns.

  2. WOW - it looks so much like my yard! ;)


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