Thursday, June 30, 2011

personal space

I love my backyard this time of year.  I spend as much time in it as the weather will allow.

In the early evening it's loud with softball games, but when everyone leaves, I can enjoy the peacefulness as the sun is setting.  And the colors are so beautiful.

Most nights will find me here, in this chair, with a glass of wine and my book.

When the light has faded, I light candles and turn on my booklight.  It feels so magical.  Especially when I am reading Alice Hoffman, my very favorite author of all.  I am currently re-reading "The Probable Future".

And I stay out until the bugs chase me in.

Where is your favorite summer spot?


  1. Your yard is beautiful...simply lovely. My favorite summer spot seems to be my glider with a nice cold beverage. Ahhh...the joys of summer.

  2. I SO enjoyed the photos in this post. I was on my patio alone tonight reading my book and the mosquitoes finally chased me in. Before that... heavenly.


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