Monday, June 27, 2011

technically challenged

Or shall I say, technology challenged?

I have had no access to the internet on my laptop for nearly a month now.  It amazes me how such a seemingly small thing can have such an impact.

No longer can I check email whenever I want, or plan a blog post, or download pictures.  I can't retrieve my favorite bookmarks, be they blogs or shopping sites.

I never realized how much I relied on my laptop, until I tried to log in to all the sites I use to do my job for ACES.  None of them are saved on Mike's laptop, accessing accounts and paying bills took far longer.

I can't just grab my laptop and sit outside and browse the library catalog, or sit on the couch and do my job.

Mike can't email me sales info from the store to download, we have to do it all manually.  I can't monitor my Etsy shop as often as I normally would.

Ugh.  Mike thinks we just need a new computer, I just want to fix the one I have.

In the meantime, I am forced to share our one computer with the whole family, which means less blogging.  But in a nice way, the time I do spend on the computer is very focused.  Others are waiting for access, so you won't find me leisurely looking for interesting blogs to read, or catching up on Facebook.  And I gave up on Twitter a long time ago.

So please excuse my lack of blogging, I am currently challenged.

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