Monday, June 6, 2011

time flies, middle school edition

Today is Charlie's last day of seventh grade.  He is quite relieved.

Do you remember 7th grade?  Ugh, what a horrible time of life.  Awkward, stressful, difficult.  Here is Charlie on the first day, last August.

Charlie had a good year, his teachers are wonderful and know just how to handle these beings who have one foot in childhood, and the other straining towards being a teenager.  We let him fail along the way, and watched him learn from it.  There was laughter, and tears, and good friends to share them with.

He has physically changed more this year than any I can remember.  He is now our young man, with the voice to prove it.

My little boy is most definitely not a little boy any longer.


  1. 7th grade. So bittersweet. Wow is Summer here already? Not ready.

  2. 7th grade was horrible. Oh my, how he has changed and grown this year. Charlie is awfully handsome.


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