Monday, January 31, 2011

weepy tv

Ever now and then, Hallmark releases a new movie.  You know it will be something the whole family can watch, and will probably have a meaningful message.  More than anything, you can bet you are going to cry.

Last night a new Hallmark movie premiered:  "The Lost Valentine".  I haven't watched a Hallmark movie in a while, but when I saw Betty White was in it I decided to watch.  I wasn't interested in the SAG awards, or reality tv, and I was recording all of my favorites on PBS, so I decided to tune in.

(love the classic logo, post a comment if you can remember the tag line!)

And to my great joy, they showed classic Hallmark card commercials.  My favorite was from 1971, with the two little girls having tea, and giving a card they had made "Oh, it's a Hallmark!"  "Now it's my turn."  Sweet, and innocent, and delightful.  Or the one where the girl gives her piano teacher a birthday card.  Tearing up, I was. 

I tried to find some links so you could watch them too, but had no luck.  You will just have to reach back deep into the sentimental part of your brain and see if you can remember them.

The movie was sweet, and when Betty was welcoming her husband home at the train station, I was a weepy mess.  I am not a huge fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt, but she did a good job.

All in all, a good way to start the week.


  1. "When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best". I know, Mom would be proud of me for knowing that, even if I am HORRIBLE at remembering to send cards.

  2. I watched the SAG awards, but dang... I wanted to watch this, but forgot about it. I love Betty White. :o)

  3. I meant to watch this show but somehow missed it. Whenever I watch a Hallmark movie I keep a box of Kleenex in my lap...mostly for the commercials. My favorite commercial is the one where the young lady brings a card to her retiring teacher. Makes me cry every time!


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