Wednesday, January 5, 2011

recipe box Wednesday

Has returned!

This year my intention is to share a new recipe with you each week that I am planning to try from my vast archive of cookbooks collecting dust on my bookshelves.

As with many things in my life, I have TOO MANY COOKBOOKS, and plan to lessen the guilt of ownership by actually looking at them this year.

Where to start?  December did add to my collection, with two of my very favorite cooks.  I do use their cookbooks, and often, as evidenced by the ingredient covered pages.

For now, their pages are perfect and pristine, and since I have finally figured out that I should copy the recipe and use that when I cook, perhaps they will stay that way.  (I know, slowly killing trees, but I will recycle something else to make up for it....)

Oh Nigella, I adore you.  I fantasize about a trip to England, and sitting with you in your lovely kitchen while you prepare us something fun.  Your newest book "Nigella Kitchen" is already a favorite.  Unlike other cookbooks, I devour your books like novels, as your writing style is wonderful, in addition to your recipes.

First up this year:  Risotto Bolognese.  Here is her introduction to the recipe:  " There's no denying that this recipe involves a fair bit of fiddle-faddling, but so soothing is the process, so welcoming and enveloping the savory smells emanating from stove and oven as it cooks, so ambrosial the taste, so universally rewarding the experience, that the labor involved can be embraced gladly.  If you don't appreciate this, then you don't deserve it."

It is a rather daunting recipe, a couple of pages long, so I will not attempt to retype it here.  Fortunately, I found a link here:;col1

If you do not have a Nigella cookbook, check one out from your local library and lose yourself.  Or better yet, buy a copy of your own, brew a nice cup of tea, and enjoy a wonderful little trip through food heaven.  I am willing to loan mine out, if you promise to bring me a sample of what you cook. 

I will let you know how the Risotto turns out, looks to be a weekend cooking project!

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