Friday, January 21, 2011

staying in

No garden tours in January.  How about a tiny house tour?

This is the view from our dining room window.  Snow, snow, snow.  I took this picture last week, when it was warmer.  If I had waited until this morning, you would have seen the frost on the INSIDE of our windows on this very cold morning.  Ah, the joy of an older home with bad windows.

This is the little area I use to pack orders for my Etsy shop.  I LOVE this old library cabinet, and hope to someday add a bigger piece.  I searched for that scale for years (because it's a 'Hanson') and finally found one at a yard sale. 

I started a typewriter collection, initially to pull the keys off to use for jewelry.  This one was in such fabulous shape, I didn't have the heart to tear it apart.  I keep it out all year, and incorporate it into any holiday decorating I do.  Charlie was trying it out when I first got it, he said "Well how do I go back to erase mistakes?"  Holy cow.  I used a manual typewriter all through college-and even hired out to type research papers.  There I go, dating myself...

While the rest of the holiday decorations are packed far away, I had to keep this sweet little snowman out, to accompany this fantastic old clock Heather found for me at a yard sale.

I like to keep a little inspiration in small spaces in my house, to remind me to stay on track.  This sweet little angel inspires me, with her button trimmed dress, to 'Dream Big'. 

What things in your home inspire you?

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