Monday, January 24, 2011

bursts of color

After a brutally cold weekend in Minnesota, I return you to the inside of the Marjorie McNeely conservatory for an orchid tour.  Not that the cold really put me out, it's not like I am a mail carrier, or a roofer, or some other occupation that causes me to be outside.  I didn't attend the pond hockey tournaments, or have to cancel a day full of skiing because it was so cold.  Cold weather for me is adding another layer, and maybe baking something...

Back to the orchids.  My oh my they are sooooo gorgeous:

Look at how delicate this is:

Love the green!

I do not know my orchids, and didn't write down any of the names of these lovely plants, today let's just revel in their fragile beauty and think summer thoughts....


  1. The fuscia colored ones at the top are my favorite. Soooo pretty! Thanks, I needed that.

  2. The color is hurting my eyes! (Just kidding.) These flowers are fabulous. I agree with Rachelle; thanks, I too needed that.


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