Friday, January 14, 2011

fondue friday!

If you grew up during the '70's, as I did, did your family have a fondue pot?

We didn't, and I always wanted one.  While paging through Seventeen magazine, I would see happy people surround a fondue pot after an afternoon on the slopes.  Dunking bread in cheese, or strawberries in chocolate, I wanted to join the party.
Fondue is back, and it's even hip.  Crate and Barrel sold several different styles in their holiday catalog.  So it must be cool again. 

There is a restaurant in Stillwater that has a fondue room, Mike and Charlie and I went there in December a few years ago on our tree picking day.  It was a delight.  Dinner lasted quite a while, and we had such fun with all of the courses.  Before Charlie became a teenager....

"Melting Pot" is a restaurant in Minneapolis that specializes in fondue as well.  I haven't made it there yet, but I want to go.  I can just imagine sitting there, on a cold snowy night, licking melted cheese off my fingers.

This summer, I found a true treasure.  A Harvest Orange fondue pot, in great shape, with all of the forks and two retro cookbooks included.  For SIX DOLLARS.  How fun is that?  (and I even found this image on the net, love the paneling in the background!)

So this weekend, it's going to be a fondue weekend.  Do you fondue?


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