Tuesday, February 1, 2011

the boys of summer

Last Saturday Mike and Charlie trekked up to Little Falls for the annual District 23 end of year banquet.  It's a night of food and fun and reconnecting with people who they spend a lot of time with in the summer.  There are enduro riders, harescramble riders, motocross riders, hill climbers, and quad riders.  Food is eaten, awards are given, and there are even door prizes for the lucky.

Mike got second overall for enduro, and sixth for harescramble (even though he didn't make it to all of the harescramble events).  Charlie got 10th place in his class, which made us so proud, as he has only been riding for a couple of years, while some of these kids have been riding since they could walk. 

For the last several years, Mike has compiled a short video with highlights from the previous year.  Each year he refines it, and this year's was the best yet.   And here it is! (make sure it loads fully before attempting to view, and put it on full screen if you can). 

He has worked on this for MONTHS, and I am pretty amazed by his talent.  He taught himself not only how to take pictures and video, but learned the editing software-which looks unbelievably complicated to me.  I think he likes picking out the music the best...

What a great sport, and fun people.  Not a bad way to spend a whole bunch of endless Sundays!

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  1. A very nice job on the film, Mike! However... I didn't see any Pohls in it! (wink).


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