Monday, February 28, 2011

oscar fun

Last night found me in front of my little tv in my bedroom, watching the beautiful people smile for the cameras.  Mike and Charlie have no interest in awards, so they claimed the nice tv in the living room.

As I watched the gorgeous gowns and handsome men, my memory went back to previous Oscar nights. 

As a teenager, I would make up my list of my favorites, make a bowl of popcorn, and groan when my favorites didn't win.  In 1978, I just watched to see the actresses, as I wasn't old enough to see any of the movies that were up for best picture.  Ingrid Bergman was there, I loved her elegance and grace.  So was a very young Meryl Streep, (nominated for her first time, in just her second movie) for her role in Deer Hunter, which ended up winning Best Picture.

Fast forward to 1985, and I was living in a studio apartment in Grand Forks.  My TV was a 9" black and white, and I watched "Out of Africa" win Best Picture while I dreamed of having a handsome man wash my hair.  I imagine I was also doing homework, as it was my last year at UND. 

The late '80's and early '90's found me in Bloomington, and Oscar nights were spent with my friend Beth.  We loved to critique the hair and fashions, and drink lots of wine.  Beth even texted me last night during the show, reminding me of fond memories!

A few years ago I had an Oscar party, red carpet leading to my door and all.  It was great fun, I even made Hollywood 'jewels' for all of my girlfriends.

I enjoyed the show last night.  Never mind that of the ten Best Picture nominees, the only one I had seen was "Toy Story 3"....

I thought Anne Hathaway was a hoot.  Her exuberance really showed through.  At first I was annoyed by her whoops from the sidelines when presenters came on stage, but then I thought, if that was me, I would probably be doing the same thing!!!  She was fun, and it was enjoyable to see what she would be wearing after each commercial.  Which gown was your favorite?  I think the shimmery blue would be my pick.

It was worth watching the entire show just to see Colin Firth's acceptance speech.  So eloquent.  Why do the British seem to have such a much larger vocabulary than Americans?  I like him just the way he is...(name that movie...)

Natalie Portman was just gorgeous, and her acceptance was sweetly heartfelt.  I can't wait to see "Black Swan".
My only complaint is that the Oscars no longer hold any suspense.  Being at the end of the awards season, the winners were pretty much foretold.  But it's so fun to see the stars!

(I apologize for my lack of pictures, I found old movie posters images and such to post today, but Blogger is not cooperating....)

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  1. You have such a great memory! I love the Oscars, always have. I liked the blue dress, too, and Anne is a hoot.


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