Tuesday, February 8, 2011

cold night, warm music

A concert on a Monday night in February?  I highly recommend it, for taking away a bit of the winter blues.

Mike and I had the great good fortune to see Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt in concert last night at the State Theater.  It was an acoustic evening, just them and their guitars on a simple stage, taking turns playing music from their amazing careers.  They are both prolific songwriters, it was great fun when they performed "Thing Called Love", together, and talked about Bonnie Raitt recording it.

I have loved Lyle for years, that adorable little half smile, the hair.  Oh my, can he play a guitar.  The sounds that eminated from that humble instrument were just incredible.  And Mike admires him as he is a dirt bike rider, and even owns a Ducati dealership.  Very nearly the perfect man (even though Julia Roberts didn't think so, I have to question her taste in men...)

John Hiatt's distinctive voice flowed out from the stage, with tunes familiar and some not so familiar to me, having been a Lyle fan for longer than John.  I adored his rendition of "Ethylene", and can't wait to work my way through his enormous library of music.

Their on-stage presence was warm and humorous, I loved listening to them banter between songs.  They clearly get along well, but also have tremendous respect for each other's talent.  They occasionally joined in on a song, towards the end of the show, and would always shake hands when they had performed something together.  They were kind enough to come back for an encore, and we clearly wanted more music from them in that gorgeous setting.  If you have never been to the State Theater, you must go.  It's truly a gem, and the perfect setting for this concert.

This morning I have pulled out all of my Lyle and John cd's to listen to while I work today, to relive the wonderful evening on a cold Minneapolis night.

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  1. I read about that concert in the paper. Oh, how lucky you are and what a wonderful evening. A fabulous time on a cold, cold night.


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