Friday, February 4, 2011

a cup of feel good

Back in November, when we had our holiday boutique, one of the artists shared a cup of tea with me that has changed my life.  Well, maybe that sounds a bit drastic, but this tea company makes the most fabulous tea-ever.

I have been an occasional tea drinker in the winter months-I would usually buy Good Earth, or try other types at a friend's house.  Maybe a cup a week, when I remembered.  I was more likely to make another pot of coffee in the afternoon, rather than turn on the tea kettle.  Now, I drink at least 2-3 cups of tea a day!  I have cut back on coffee, I drink only one or two cups, and only in the morning.

Yogi tea makes over 50 kinds of tea, and each kind is formulated to help your body in some way. 

The first one I tried, and the one that got me hooked, was "Breathe Deep".  After that cup, with flavors of licorice, thyme, and eucalyptus, I found myself feeling really good, both physically and emotionally.  And I vowed to find it on my next grocery run.

Super Target carries several of their flavors, but not the one I had tried.  So I bought "Cold Season", and also "Bedtime".  And unlike many teas that end up languishing in their cardboard boxes in my cupboard, and get thrown out the next winter, I have been going through BOXES of Yogi tea.  Right now I am drinking 'Egyptian Licorice" and can't wait to try more.

Yogi tea is more expensive than other brands, but the flavors are so complex and beautifully balanced-they are more than worth it.  They have teas to help with digestion, skin detoxifying, even natural laxatives.  When you go to their website (I will provide the link in a bit) you can choose your tea by what kind of mood you are looking to achieve and/or what kind of flavors you like, and they will recommend teas for you.  Here is the link if you want to explore:

I can honestly say that I can't wait to put the kettle on!  I even have Charlie drinking tea now, he likes to have a cup when he is doing his homework. 

Are you a tea drinker?  Leave me a comment, with your favorite kind, and I will have a drawing at 8 am Monday morning.  If you are a winner, I will send you a sampler box of Yogi tea!  Then you can find out for yourself how amazing it is.

Please note:  I have not been paid to talk about Yogi, those of you who read me know I am not a 'professional' blogger, and do not get paid for my blogging.  I just wanted to share something wonderful with you!


  1. I like Sleepytime by Celestial Seasonings, but I'm very curious to try Yogi after reading your rave review. Thanks!

  2. I LOVE Yogi tea. I have been drinking the Cold Season type to help battle this long-lasting chest cold I've had. I like just about any type of tea. But still like my afternoon cup of decaf.

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  4. Finally reading blogs. LOVE green tea and I drink tons of tea in the Winter.


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