Monday, February 21, 2011

snowmagedon, again!

What are the chances that we would get two snowstorms of more than a foot twice in one winter?  (Paul Douglas said it is 1 in 100).  With this snow, we are having the second snowiest winter ever, and we only need 4 more inches to beat the all time record.

I am not exactly giddy about these statistics.

Especially since last week I was out walking in 50 degree temperatures, and there were patches of green grass in my front yard!  I had even started envisioning my back yard gardens.

Instead of taking a picture of the snow, I will remind you of what it looks like in April, on a walk through my neighborhood.  It IS coming, right?

For now, I think I just need to make a tater tot hot dish and hibernate again.


  1. I have had it with winter and we haven't even had the glimpses of green grass up here by Lake Superior! The winds and frigid cold are killing me after that tease of warmth last week!

  2. The photo of spring in your neighborhood just made my day! All that GREEN is a balm for my eyes. Pretty! Tator tot hotdish, good ol comfort food. :o) Hang in there chick, spring IS coming this year. I promise.

  3. Is that really our neighborhood? I'd completely forgotten. Ah, mother nature loves to play havoc with us Minnesotans. My arm is ruined from six rounds of shoveling, which made for an interesting yoga night! Hang in there; we'll make it til spring.


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