Wednesday, September 1, 2010

an invitation

September 1st arrived really fast!

Here is your invitation to view my very own Etsy shop.  While it doesn't have walls, or employees (unless you count Mike, who has been taking all of my product photos, or Charlie, who will be helping me with shipping) it is still all mine.  I am starting out with my "button bracelets", more of which will be added in th coming weeks, and will move into other items as the months fly by.  Take a peek, won't you?

I welcome your comments or suggestions-stay tuned for all of the new things I will be adding in the days to come!  And please, by all means, share this with friends and relatives and co-workers,  your mail carrier, the cashier at the grocery store....

And as the Bartles and Jaymes boys used to say "Thank you for your support".


  1. Oh my word... I perused your Etsy sight earlier today and I am totally buying something, have to look closer again! How cool. I'm SO excited for you, my extremely creative cousin. The bracelets are gorgeous! You go girl!!

  2. You are amazing!!! I love you so much and am so so happy for you.

  3. Finally made a decision! Cocoa Splash for Ash & Cherry Ladybug for me! Such cute names. Can't wait for earrings...


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