Friday, September 3, 2010

the great Minnesota get together

We are fair people.  We mark our calendars every year, and figure out which day we can go, and spend the whole day.

Charlie has been to the fair every year of his life (and the year he wasn't even here yet!) so it is a big tradition in our family.

Some of you may ask WHY?  Is it the food?  The animals?  The rides?  The merchandise?  The music?

This year Mike made a little film, and after watching it, I think I can finally answer that question.  It isn't any one thing, it's how we FEEL when we are there.  Happy, carefree, wondering what the next thing will be around the bend.

Here is a link to his movie if you want to spend a few minutes at the fair yourself:

(be patient, it is a large file and takes a bit to load)

This year was a milestone-I came home feeling rather blue that our family days at the fair are pretty much done.  Our almost thirteen year old became quite disenchanted with spending the whole day with his parents, and as the day progressed became less and less interested in seeing the things we wanted to see.  He went the next day, with his friends, and had a wonderful time.  So I am guessing next year Mike and I will be going alone.  We will think of it as a date.

In Mike's movie, towards the end, there is a shot of the old carousel.  As I watched it spinning around, I saw a grandma holding a little boy on one of the horses.  He was wearing a red t-shirt, and striped Osh Kosh bib shorts.  Charlie had the same outfit, and he may have even worn it to the fair, and ridden on that same horse.  Only I was the one holding him. 

This year he watched the ride with his arms folded, skeptical, wondering why we were standing there, rolling his eyes when I asked if I could take him for a ride, one last time.

In moments like this, it is so hard to watch him grow up.  Maybe some cheese curds will cheer me up.


  1. Your movie is fantastic. The girls are I have watched it many times. I say next year just sample wine the whole day.

  2. Wonderful video, Mike! The song was perfect too. Cute skirt, Kristi! :o)


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