Thursday, September 16, 2010

fun day!

I have been looking forward to this day until I first discovered this back in JANUARY:

On top of that, I get to spend the day with my dear friend Tracy.  In the morning we are taking a Folk Art Painting class, then having lunch with the Pioneer Woman, attending a panel dicussion in the afternoon about Marketing Through Social Media, then there is a huge book signing, cocktail party, and dinner with keynote speakers, including Amy Butler! 

Many of the artists and crafters I follow through blogs or their books are going to be there;  teaching, or signing books, or selling their goodies in the Handmade Market.  Including the artist behind Curly Girl-I have been buying her cards for years and LOVE her stuff.

I am just completely wound up with anticipation, and the idea of seeing all of these people in ONE DAY and getting to do all of these things makes me nearly faint with excitement and happiness.  It's like someone looked into my heart and head, and said "Let's design the PERFECT day for Kristi Pohl."

The only thing that would put it over the top is if my sweet sis could join me.  But she will be with me in spirit, and I plan to text her throughout the day so she can keep up.

Can't WAIT to tell you all about it, if I am recovered enough to be able to type....


  1. And the perfect day it shall be! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  2. I'm filled with envy and want to know what you had for LUNCH with Ree. ;o)


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