Friday, September 24, 2010

creative diary, last day

As I mentioned earlier, this was the first ever Creative Connection event.  I am sure they learned so much from it, and there is no word yet if they are already planning one for next year.  Or maybe there is, and I have just been too busy making bracelets to notice...

So what did I learn?

1.  I can't paint.

2.  Cute boots aren't really a good idea when you will be on your feet all day.  Unless they are really adorable red cowboy boots.

3.  Having too busy of a schedule leaves far too little time to shop the Handmade Market.

4.  Artists you have admired for years are nearly always just as you imagined they would be.

5.  Spending time working social media is absolutely essential to success in the creative world.

If you are intersted in some other attendee's perspectives on the event, go to this link at the Creative Connection.

If you scroll down the page, past the part where it says Creative Connection 2010, you will see a list of over 50 links to women who were there, and have also blogged about the experience.  Lots of fun reading!

Now that all of my creativity need to be spent on making bracelets, it may be tough to come up with some blog posts next week.  Any requests?

New bracelets added to my Etsy shop last night, clink on the link in the top right hand corner to go directly there.  Earrings and necklaces should be up in the next couple of days, computer cooperation permitting...

Happy first weekend of autumn!


  1. Dang...I knew those cute boots would hurt! But they sure looked good.

  2. Requests: 1. Fall Meal Ideas 2. Fall photos around your yard & neighborhood 3. Books that made you cry (this is one I've been toying with, but there aren't that many that made me cry) 4. Your ugly painting (that isn't ugly, I bet) 5. A Tour of your Home

    Now that I think about it... a lot of those sound time consuming and you are busy making bracelets right now. Hmmm... how about your favorite meals from Trader Joe?? ;o)

  3. P.S. How about top 10 (or 5) week? Top 10 reasons you like Trader Joe. Top 10 reasons you enjoy St. Paul. Top 10 reasons you are happy you were raised a Hanson. Top 10 best things about being a mother. Oh, the list could go on.... just trying to inspire you, dear. Poor busy you.


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