Tuesday, September 28, 2010

how do YOU do it?

Once the lazy days of summer have passed you by, and school and new routines have begun......how do you manage it all? 

I don't have to get up in the morning and get ready to work at a job outside of my house, sometimes I work in my pajamas until guilt forces me to get dressed at noon.  I LOVE working from  home, especially on nasty weather days, when others have to manage nasty streets and traffic jams.  But working from home allows you to create your own schedule, which can be good, or bad, depending on how proficient you are at time management.

Most days I am not.  And now that I have started down the Etsy road I find my days are even more jumbled.  I am folding laundry while I catch the 10 pm news, to see what I have missed in the world.  I am checking the calendar, and realizing my estimated tax was due a week ago.  So far I haven't missed calling payroll in on time, knock on wood.  But I can imagine little things falling through the cracks as the busy holiday season approaches.

And then there is a sick child, staying home from school, who needs chicken soup.  And a sick cat, who needs a trip to the vet.  And empty cupboards that need restocking.  And jewelry just waiting to get uploaded and posted on an Etsy shop.  And more jewelry waiting to be finished.  And holiday inventory to be ordered for the store, and holiday ad campaigns to be prepaperd.  And blogs to be written.

How do you manage your time?  I used to be able to sneak in an hour here and there, and read-but that has fallen by the wayside.  And I don't want to miss reading, of all things.  How do you do it all?  Do I just need to start getting up at 5 am?


  1. Well as you know, I had to give up reading. LOL. No one does it all. We all pretty much suck at a lot of things...and I am trying to just let it go. I also pretty much quick cooking. Oh, and cleaning. I need more time for on-line shopping, so those less important things had to go.

    I do suggest actually getting up early and showering/getting dressed immediately though - like you are going to work. I find that helps with my motivation. Besides, I hate being in my jammies after 6am.

  2. Boy do you sound like me... if it's not a daycare day for me and I don't have to be anywhere in the morning... I'm in my jammies until at least 11am or noon. By that time, I start worrying someone could show up at my door, which motivates me to shower and dress. So, I'm positive that Tracy's comment about showering and dressing would help with time management (at least for me!).

    But, the reality is... does anyone really Do It All? Perhaps the very type A personality folks do it all, but we more creative types are so pulled by doing something that feeds our soul, whether that is taking photos, writing blogs, answering emails, making bracelets, even making a good meal for our family. I have to force myself to do jobs that are tedious and only when absolutely necessary.

    You're not in this alone. I have a feeling most people struggle with this very same thing. There are not enough hours in the day. Period.


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