Friday, September 10, 2010


Twenty three years ago today, I was making hundreds of little mints and finishing table decorations.  My dress was hanging from the ceiling in my bedroom, to keep out the wrinkles, and I was sewing the hem on my sister's cornflower blue dress.

They say time flies, and it really is true.  It feels impossible to measure a year in the life of a marriage, sometimes hard, sometimes wonderful, sometimes painful, sometimes bliss.  I know I have learned  more about myself in the years we have spent together, than I have learend about my husband.

Mike.  He is charming, and messy.  He is kind, and forgetful.  He is passionate, stubborn, and very talented.  If he had a blog he could tell you about my quirks as well.  He has helped me become the person I have always wanted to be-even though he didn't know he was doing it.

He put up with the emotional puddle I became when we were trying so hard to have a child.  We worked together, through many long nights and days, to build our business.  Together, we delight in raising Charlie, and our conversations over coffee and the morning paper are ones I treasure.  When he returns from a weekend of dirt bike racing, I love to hear his stories, and see how he has documented all of it for the rest of the riders.

And now, he is my very own professional photographer for my fledgling Etsy business.  He spends hours taking pictures, adjusting pictures, making the things I create look even better, all without a word of complaint.  He doesn't say a word when there are supplies scattered all over the house, or when I have to shove buttons down the table so we have a place to eat dinner. 

My love for him has grown and changed in the thirty years we have been together, but what hasn't changed is the little spark I feel in my heart when he kisses me.  Or the silent relief I feel when the pickup turns the corner to our driveway, muddy dirt bikes in the back, and I know he is home safe once again.

Happy Anniversary, sweet husband.  Even though we won't be spending the day together, I know we have many other days we can celebrate.  And I can't wait to see what the rest of our lives together have in store for us.


  1. Yes, you are truly lucky. You found one of the good ones!

  2. Happy anniversary! Great picture of Mike.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!! You kind of forgot to mention that when I spoke with you earlier. Bitch.

  4. Here's to many, many, many more years. I hope you like the wine!


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