Saturday, August 21, 2010

blogging break

The blogging world is growing and changing daily.  I have been doing this since January of 2008, as a way to finally keep a diary.  Unlike the handwritten ones I started faithfully each year, that never made it as far as February, blogging my life works for me.  But 654 posts later, I am reaching a cross roads. 

Blogging has become so much more than just telling the story of a life.  People earn a living from blogging, and get book deals, and become very controversial, or universally known throughout the blogosphere. There are blogging groups, and conferences, and having a blog can consume your whole life if you want it to.  And right now it is very tempting to take my blog in a different direction, buy my own domain, gather sponsors, review products, join groups and link up with other bloggers.

But I don't want to, not right now.  I don't have any ads on my blog (other than a link to our business, which is kind of important).  I don't have a huge following so I don't have people beating down my door to have me advertise for them.  And that's how I want it to stay.  I just want to tell my little stories, and share recipes, and tell you about books I have read, or what is growing in my garden.  I want to reminisce about Charlie growing up, and tell you about my wonderful friends and family.  Simple pleasures, with occasional bursts of ire.

(The above photo was not encouraged or endorsed by the Coca-Cola company, and I was not asked to review their product.  But if you have never had a Coke Float, you surely should try one...My fab glasses are from Specs in Uptown, if you need some new ones,  and I got the scarf at TJ Maxx. But I don't remember what restaurant I was at.  See, I'm not very good at the whole endorsing reviewing deal...)

Right now life has gotten kind of out of hand, and I am finding it hard to fit blogging into my day.  I want blog posts that I am proud to have you read, not something I cobbled together in the morning so I could move on to my next task. 

I ran across this old picture, it was taken in downtown St. Paul after we had been to Farmer's Market, clearly many years ago.  Summer is quickly coming to an end, and Charlie starts school in just ten days.  I want to spend some time with him, and go for bike rides, and spend an entire day at the State Fair.

I am working to get my Etsy shop up and on-line by Sept. 1st, so I am creating bracelets and shipping profiles and on-line accounts and designing receipts and shipping tags. I am caring for Sir Claude, who is still having some troubles.   It's time to prepare for the fourth quarter at ACES, and work on our business plan for 2011.  And of course there is laundry to wash and flowers to water and meals to prepare.

Please come back in September, when things have hopefully settled in a bit, and I will continue to share little glimpses of our life here in St. Paul. 

Find some time to enjoy these last precious days of August for yourself!


  1. I will miss your posts, but think you're wise to take a break. The first day of school will sneak up on us. I look forward to reading you again in September, with anticipation. :o)

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  3. Have a great break. It will be fun to pick up again in September.


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