Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a literary gem

There isn't much better than finding a book you LOVE, and want to share with everyone.

I am not sure where I heard about this one, I keep snips and snaps of paper with books I want to read that I cut out of magazines, and newspapers, and other blogs.  I eventually get around to requesting them at the library, and mostly I enjoy them.  If I don't, I stop reading them and return them.  My mother would be horrified.  She was of the Finish Your Book Club (closely related to the Clean Your Plate Club).

But I am big girl now, nearly 50, and it took me that long to realize I didn't have to finish a book I wasn't enjoying.

But as usual, I digress.  Please run out and get this book, I guarantee you will want to finish it:

(photo borrowed from the author's website)

It is a first novel for Tiffany Baker, and she must be so proud.  They say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but in this case, I did.  It appealed to me on multiple levels, with the embroidered flowers around the edge, and the antique dress form (I really want one like this someday-I am keeping my eye out-there is one at Gypsy Moon but she isn't selling it.  Smart lady.)  But it was the idea of the book that reeled me in, and I devoured it and absorbed it and find myself thinking about it all the time.

The characters are beautifully crafted, the language lovely.  I found it reminiscent of Alice Hoffman, one of my top three authors of all time.  There is sadness, and pain, with a sprinkling of magic and hopefulness along with some mystery woven through.  I want to buy it for everyone I know, and can't wait to see what she will write next.

Here is a link to the author's website, I loved reading about how she wrote the book, almost as much as I enjoyed the book.

By the way, sorry my brain is scrambled this week and I posted Recipe Box Wednesday a day early-must be the heat....

And on another note, Happy Happy Birthday to my dear friend Tracy!  Can't wait to celebrate with you!


  1. Thanks for the tip! Oh man, I have so many books to read!!

  2. Well, guess I'll just have to get this book so that vampire book can go to the bottom. Thanks to you for making my birthday wonderful. Dinner was lovely!


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