Monday, August 9, 2010

a tale of two vines

We are in day two of a heat wave, this summer we have been fortunate that when we got really hot and humid nastiness, it only lasted a day or two, and then a lovely Canadian front arrived to refresh us.  Not so this week, yesterday it hit 96, with a dew point of 78, making it pretty miserable to even sit outside and do nothing.  They predict this oppression will last through Sunday.  yuk.  This is one of those days I am really glad I don't have an outdoor job. Perhaps I will have a nice cold bottle of water ready for the mailman when he arrives.

The garden seems to be surviving, heat often brings with it sporadic thunderstorms and welcome rain, and many varieties of plants seem to thrive on the humid air, drinking in all of the moisture they can.  Case in point:  hyacinth bean vine.  Last year I thought this is what I had planted on my iron dress form, as I adored how it bloomed and flowered so gracefully.  Turns out it was scarlet runner bean (the photo on the right).

And while this vine, (photo on the left) has been completely taking every plant near it prisoner, in a graceful iron grasp of tendril, it has yet to bloom, or show any sign of flowers-to-be.  The garden center assured me it would, in a splash of purple, so I will be patient.

The window boxes are happy, any plant that seemed like a good idea at the time, but wasn't, is long gone, leaving plenty of soil and room for the survivors.  I need to make notes so I don't waste money next spring, when all of the varieties are whispering for me to take them home. "You know you want me. Yes, my plant marker tells you to put me in full sun, but why not give it a try in a shady spot?"  I have been lured into plant hypnosis before, and vow it will not happen again.  (The only reason I included the ugly wires and Qwest box in my photo, is that the nicest repairman came to our house on Saturday and completely rewired us, so we can now use our phone again and our internet speed is truly blazing fast-huzzah!  Now I just need to coax something to climb up and over it so I don't have to look at it....)

For now, things have been watered, and I shall tuck myself into my house, in my little air coniditioned office and work the day away, and plan something for dinner that requires minimal cooking.  I see "Splendor in the Grass" is on tonight, with Natalie Wood, and it seems the perfect movie to sit back and enjoy in cool comfort.

What will  you do to combat the heat?

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