Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Back from Bemidji, just got in last night, will have lots to post about this week.

For now, the great tree massacre has begun, the saws started in promptly at 7 am today, rousing me from my slumber.  The street is completely closed off for eight blocks so they can do their dirty work.

Mike took some beautiful photos last night, as the sun was setting, and they will have to be the pictures for my memory box.

Heather decided to recreate my senior picture of thirty years ago, while I was home, out in the woods, watching Charlie's race on Saturday.

See?  I have always been a tree hugger.


  1. On my early morning walk this morning, I said good bye to the trees. The workmen thought I was crazy. I suppose they're right. Love the senior picture remake...adorable!


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