Monday, August 2, 2010

never enough time

My sis and her son were just here-we thought five days would finally be enough.  But it never is, right?

We did so much:  Ikea, Galleria (as we both needed a Crate and Barrel fix), the Mall of America, Cascade Bay waterpark, and Grand Avenue shopping.  We had nights drinking wine outside by candlelight, a trip to the Galaxy drive-in for burgers, and movie night with "Sherlock Holmes".  Mike took the boys to Sonic and Grand Slam.  We had a wonderful brunch at Pizza Luce on Sunday morning, and the boys rode bikes and Ripstix and got LOTS of Xbox time.  We hit up SuperTarget and Trader Joes.  She filled her pantry with a trip to Penzeys, and we hit up yard sales and took a morning walk in the rain.

And it still wasn't enough time.

Now they have left, and are winding there way home to Bemidji on Highway 10.  We won't get to have a visit like this again until next summer.  And we did not take ONE PHOTO.  And I am sad.  But I pulled this picture from my archives, it was last summer in Bemidji.  And both Riley and Charlie have grown about a foot since then, I think.

But we took lots of memory pictures, and that will just have to suffice.  Back to work, and laundry, and house cleaning.  Because school for Charlie is less than a month away, and August will fly, and we have a lot to pack in!


  1. Sounds like a Wonderful time with all that you packed in, but no, there is never enough time.

  2. Whew! You gals really know how to pack some fun into five days. I think you need a vacation!


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