Thursday, July 1, 2010

lilies in my valley

Ah, the blooms of summer.  I do love lilies.  Such lovely color varieties.

Some of my lillies are of the day variety, they explode on to the scene and unabashedly bloom for 24 hours and then shrivel, spent from the excitement.

I have collected a few varieties through the years, of course not keeping their tags, so I can't share with you their names. 

I tend to pick plants not only for their looks, but also for their names.  So I am quite sure they were very clever monikers.

While most of my lilies are thriving in my sun garden, this asiatic lily is in a partial shade spot, and proudly shows off for several days before going in to hiding for the season.  This year lovage is growing amongst it, making for a very pretty companion planting.

While not a lily, but rather lily-like, the lime green nicotania looks lovely amoungst the lillies.  ( say that fast three times...)

What's blooming in your garden?


  1. Nice! I love the pic of the asiatic lily and the lovage (which I've never heard of or planted). I also planted lime green nicotania~ we must be related. Not everyone appreciates the lime green, but I think it's unique and pretty.

  2. My giant pink lilies just bloomed this morning, they look like Stargazers, but of course I threw away the tag and can't remember what they are for sure. I just hope they survive winter and come back again next year!

  3. My pink lilies just bloomed this morning, they look like Stargazers but aren't, I can't remember their name, I will have to look through all the plant tags I pulled out that are SOMEWHERE on my gardening table. Beautiful!


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