Tuesday, July 27, 2010

mighty mike

My hubby competed in yet another enduro on Sunday.

He resumed the madness that is enduro riding when he hit 39.  A better choice for a mi-life crisis than other things he could have done.

He trains incessantly.  Massive bike rides, gym workouts, and heat training.

I think it's working.

Yesterday he won his class in one of the toughest enduros of the season, near Mora, Minnesota.  (last minute update, I just found out that not only did he win his class "Senior B", he came in third overall of all the B riders!)

The two guys who have been beating him in his class this season were one of the first to come up and congratulate him.

Just another reason the enduro sport is such a great one-the guys are competitors, but not adversaries.

Even though there are full plants growing in my gutters, and the summer to-do list is relatively unchecked, I am still pretty proud.


  1. Congratulations Mike. I hope you're not as sore today! You are completely awesome.

  2. There could be worse components to a "mi-life" crisis. I like the new term. :)


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