Tuesday, July 6, 2010

boys just want to have fun

The house is very quiet today.  No Xbox playing in the background, no dirty socks lying on the floor. Mike and I delivered Charlie to Scout Camp on Saturday, near Birchwood, WI.  He is there all week, and Mike will join him on Friday night and then they will pack up Saturday morning.
Last year, long time blog readers will remember that Charlie struggled a bit with stomach troubles, and homesickness.  I wonder how he is doing this year.

There is no communication with them all week, and he specifically asked me not to send him a letter, as I did last year.  So I didn't.

He is now a seasoned scout camper, and is there to provide guidance to the younger campers.  I am thinking he will do just fine.
He was very eager to go, although the thought of no video games or ipods for a whole week did give him pause.  But knowing he wouldn't have to listen to his parents all week made it sound like the perfect adventure.
I watch the weather, to see if he is enjoying their beautiful campsite, or if he is sitting in a damp tent.  They have a perfect spot, on top of the hill overlooking the lake, so I am guessing the sweet lake breezes dry things out pretty quickly.  I can still remember the smell of the pine, and the sound of the water, when we were there on Saturday.

But here in St. Paul, it's a little too quiet.   I miss him already....

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  1. Oh gosh, I can relate to your feelings. He's probably having a blast, but the house is too quiet and you miss him and wonder how things are going. In the end, the separation will be good for all and you'll appreciate each other even more when he returns. However, letting go sure is a looong hard journey. Sigh.


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