Friday, July 16, 2010

farm fresh Friday

Theme week concludes with something I didn't actually get at the market.  I could have faked you all out, and told you I did, but that whole honesty gene compels me to tell the truth.  They should be showing up at markets this weekend, as I just got a post card from my favorite blueberry farm, and they are open for picking in Wisconsin.

I had some berries in my fridge, I always have them on hand in the summer when they are inexpensive.  In my cereal, with banana yogurt, or made into sugar crusted muffins, blueberries are one of my favorites.  Blueberry memories include tromping through bogs in northern Minnesota to pick our own (tussling with mosquitos every step of the way) and the smell of fresh blueberry pie as my mom sliced into it.  Flaky crust, sweet juicy berries, and a hint of spice.

The recipes I share with you today are from this very favorite blueberry farm I have been talking about.  I figure if they are that good at growing them, then they are probably really darn good at cooking them.

And if you can't pick your own, then go ahead and pick up a pint at the grocery store and make yourself something delicious.  On top of that, blueberries are one of those super foods that just make you healthy.  And grab an extra pint and freeze them for baking in January.  All you have to do is dump them out on a cookie sheet (PLEASE DON'T WASH THEM FIRST) and stick them in the freezer.  Once they are as hard as rocks, dump them in a freezer bag and pop them back in the freezer.  You can wash and sort through them when you are ready to use them, in the winter, when it's snowing out, and you want to remember what summer tastes like....

And if you want to pick your own blueberries (and stop at the Smiling Pelican Bakeshop in Maiden Rock for some treats) check out  the Rush River website I listed above for directions.  Just make sure you call first to insure they are picking the day you want  to go.  (Or they'll pick them for you, if you don't mind paying a bit more.)

Thanks for sharing the bounty of the season with me this week-check out your local farmer's market and see what you can create!

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