Tuesday, June 15, 2010

what I did on my summer vacation

It rained.

A lot.

No fishing shots to share with you.  (Other than the ones I showed you yesterday of my dad!)No stories told or smores made by the fire pit my sister worked so hard on.  She literally hauled rocks from her yard to make the most beautiful fire pit I have ever seen, it is sitting in her yard with a muddy bottom.

We didn't make it to Rocky Point for a picnic and swimming.

We didn't take the boys to teach them how to play tennis.

We didn't sit on my parents deck and drink margaritas while the sun set.

We didn't walk the wonderful trail around the lake.  Well, we could have, but it loses it's charm when you have to wear rainboots and carry umbrellas, and need hot cocoa or a shot of whiskey when you get back as you are chilled to the bone.

I packed skirts and t-shirts and sandals.  I didn't wear any of them.  Luckily my sister has lots of polar fleece and hooded sweatshirts to share.

As Charlie stated when he woke on Friday morning to yet another gray, rainy day "This sucks."  Normally I would have chastised him for using a word I detest, but he was right, so I let it go.  Then I gently reminded him of all of the fun things we DID get to do because we were inside:

*  We had a movie marathon.  A few times.  My sister has amassed an amazing collection of fun movies.  The boys loved "Ferris Bueler's Day Off".  (who doesn't?)  Heather and I watched several, and happily so.

*  Heather hosted my mom's 'coffee girls' at her house on Tuesday morning.  These women have been getting together for years, it was so great to see all of them again.  Some of them I had not seen since Charlie's baby shower!  I love that they are still together, they have been through everything from having their own babies to seeing their grandkids born.

* We had a Yahtzee tournament-Heather beat me three out of four. 

* Heather made homemade chocolate chip cookies one night, that we ate warm with milk, while we cuddled under soft blankets.

* The boys got lots of Wii time, and advanced to new levels in tennis, bowling, and boxing.

* We drove to Park Rapids, and celebrated my mom's birthday in July, a little bit early, in between the rain showers.  More on that fun day tomorrow.
* We had dinner at Dave's Pizza, our favorite pizza place, full of good smells and memories, and Mike was glad to see they still have an excellent jukebox.

*  Without the rain, we never would have had this beautiful rainbow one night.  Doesn't it look like Heather's house is the pot of gold?  We did actually make it out to her porch that night, to enjoy the sunset.

* We had the city's best burgers at the Corner Bar (site of my upcoming 30 year class reunion later this summer).

* Heather and I had long talks over bottles of red wine, late into the night.

* Charlie and Riley spent hours riding their Ripstix-whenever the sun decided to peek out for a few minutes at a time, or in the garage when it was raining.

Did I mention that it rained a lot?

* I finished knitting a pair of socks, and got a good start on a new pair.  Who knew it would be cool enough to actually need to wear them?

* Heather's yard, which she seeded a bit ago, and all of her beautiful landscaping she has done, got a very healthy dose of water, and she didn't have to take time away from having fun to soak her yard.

* I made lots of jewelry, and Heather helped me FINALLY come up with a business name.  Not telling yet.  There will be an official unveiling once I design my business cards and such.

We had dinner with Mike's family at Brigid's Pub on Friday night.  I think less highly of it now, as Charlie and I got food poisoning from the tartar sauce served with our fish.  And instead of Charlie going to his dirt bike race on Saturday, we spent it in bed, with Gatorade and crackers, and my sister taking care of us. 

Charlie and I were both napping when I got the call from my sister on Saturday afternoon, "Get down to the lake!  They're holding dad and Bob!" I dressed and tucked Charlie more securely into bed and drove like a bandit down to the lake, stomach troubles be damned.  Charlie was still feeling too lousy to go, but Heather filmed it all for him.

I made it in time, and was smart enough to grab my camera, and was able to be there for the big event I chronicled yesterday.  One of the few times in my life I was really happy to be sick, and extend my stay.  Later that night we brought the boys over so they could congratulate him.

Pounds lighter, we packed on Sunday and headed home.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  Or remind yourself to use THAT on the fish, and stay away from the tartar sauce.


  1. So sorry about all the rain, but it sounds like your altered plans were really fun. I recognize the Summer Hill Farm's restaurant and looking forward to a post about that. And, now I'm craving a Dave's Pizza, will have to order one soon. :o) Love the photos of the boys skating. Sooo sorry to hear of your food poisoning episode, but thrilled you were able to see your Dad's shining moment. Dying to hear your new business name. Create a website, will ya, so I can order some cute dangly earrings already. Love you. Thanks for sharing about your soggy weekend.

  2. That sounds perfect - except for the hooded sweatshirt part.

    So...about the business name...do tell...
    xoxo, t


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