Monday, June 28, 2010

a new hobby?

Now that school is done, Mike and Charlie can slip away during the week and ride dirt bikes all day long.  They did just that last week, and had such a good time.  And yes, I had a good time with the house to myself, messing in my garden and finishing a good book and playing with bits and bobs making jewelry.  See, this arrangement works well for everyone!

Mike has become Photo Pohl, and is eagerly welcomed at any dirt bike event as everyone knows there will be some amazing pictures at the end of the day.  He is even making money doing it- one of his pictures graces the cover of Cycle USA this month, along with an article he wrote and more photos inside.  My hubby, the photo journalist.

  But because he is the photographer, there are rarely photos of HIM in action.  So he handed Charlie the camera on Thursday, and I think the kid inheritied his father's talent:
An action shot-love how the light in the woods was captured.
I LOVE this photo.  This is my hubby, at his very happiest. 
And I will always treasure this one, don't they just look like they are having the best time?  Thank goodness for cameras with timers.  And a basic photography rule-never be without your tripod!

They had far more fun than cleaning gutters, or painting fences.  The To-Do lists can wait....well, at least for a little while....summer days go by pretty fast.


  1. You've got two very handsome guys there. And, yes, the to-do list can always wait. Kids grow up too fast!

  2. Those pictures are fabulous!!!

  3. Love these pictures. did a fabulous job. Truly, these guys know how to have some fun!


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