Friday, June 11, 2010

combo week concludes...

...finally,  with a look at the pots I put together by our side door.  Living on a corner lot as we do, this tends to be the door we use the most, so I save my favorite combos for this spot.

For my smaller pots, this year I went with yellow begonias, a fancy leaf geranium (I pick out several every year, and plant them for their spectacular foliage, not their flowers, which tend to be small and wispy), and oxalis. 

I have been going back to oxalis for the last couple of summers, I love how it mounds and shows off it's dainty blooms.  I chose two colors this year, the darker one looks great against my spirea shrub.
And the now ubiquitous orange impatiens show up again.  Can you tell I bought a whole flat of them from Charlie's school plant sale?

I also seem to be having fun with the whole lime green, yellow, and orange color plan, it is just so darn cheerful, and I think it really pops in my blue ceramic pots. 

Of course, by June things will have changed, and plants will be marked down to ridiculously low prices, and having seen these pots of plants for several weeks I will be ready for something new.  I will transplant, find different containers, or move them to different spots in my yard. 

Just part of the fun of being a gardener!  And besides, with all of the people who purposely plan their walks by our house, I need to keep things fresh and new for them...

Lastly, the big pot by the side door.  This one will change every few weeks, depending on my whim of the moment. 
For now, it is filled with purple johnny jump ups, orange begonias, more angel wing begonia (that you first were introduced to on the front step), several types of coleus, and a nutmeg scented geranium.  I adore scented geraniums, but now restrict myself to just one scent a year, and I always plant it closest to the door so I can give the leaves a rub when I leave, or come home.  Pure 'scent'sational delight : )

And that's it for combo week!  Next week I am sure to be filling your computer screen with tales of walleye, s'mores, margaritas, yahtzee tournaments, and lots of family memories from our week up north.  Have a wonderful summer weekend!

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  1. Just GORGEOUS!! You sure have an eye for putting pots together. I also love the orange and yellow combo as it does seem cheery. The last picture with the johnny jump ups~ so pretty! And, I love the little fairy sitting beside it!


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