Wednesday, June 9, 2010

just another day of combo week

If I could, I would have windowboxes on every single window of my house.  For now, I have them on the ones I can actually get to (and they do a pretty good job of hiding my crummy old window screens....).

This year, the shade boxes started the season in mid-March (yup!) filled with johnny jump ups in purples and yellows.  The boxes transitioned with some orange ranunculus, which sadly did not survive the change to summer like temperatures.  No worries, I have since filled in with 'Can Can' Orange Calibrochoa, 'Sapphire Blue' Lisianthus, 'Lava' Coleus, Golden Oregano, 'Goldilocks' Creeping Jenny, and for my front window boxes-Tropical Impatiens in 'Fusion Orange' and 'Jungle Gold'. 
There are some simple red impatiens tucked in here and there for color, and some orange begonias are hiding out as well.  Once it gets really hot, the violets will die back, and resurrect themselves this fall, making room for the other plants to shine.  (Just another reason to stuff 'em....)
My sunny windowboxes, in my back yard-feature sweet potato vine, more orange calibrochoa, dahlias, some stunning sun varieties of coleus, and some deep purple salvia.  I really like how the colors came together, and once things fill out by the end of June, these will be stunning on a hot, steamy day.
I found this little sweetheart after I had already planted,
or these would have made it in to the boxes too.  "Kardinale' African Daisy.  Instead, I picked up several and tucked them in amongst the dahlias, which will soon be popping shades of orange, red, and yellow.  Every morning these happy heads say "hello!  So happy you planted us!"

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  1. Window boxes are my favorite! I only have two of them on my garage, but I hope to add more. Yours are beautiful. I love the yellow dahlia, orange calibrochoa and sweet potato one!


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