Friday, June 25, 2010

garden walks

Last night I had the great good fortune to tour the yards of some friends.  And while I was smart enough to remember my camera, I am getting old and losing brain cells and was not smart enough to check to see if I had a memory card in said camera.
So I took mental pictures and notes, but I guess that doesn't do much for my readers.  But since I am talking about flowers I have to show you SOMETHING, right?  Bare with me and look at my flowers again:

 If you love flowers and enjoy digging in the dirt, or even if you are not obsessed with it as I am and just enjoy having some nice plants in your yard, there is nothing like really looking at someone else's plantings.  You can learn first hand what works and what doesn't, and what you might want to try.  Not only that, you can get first dibs on things they may be dividing in the future, saving you some money and giving them room to plant more goodies.

A trip to the garden center is in my future today, some of the flower marts are 50% off here and I have a list of the things I saw last night that I want to make room for in my garden.  And I will be making a note of the things that I will be sharing with my garden girls once I start divvying things up.  Not to mention all of the ideas I now have for new containers to plant, and the clematis I absolutely must go and find-no matter the cost.
Even if you don't get out and visit a friend's yard, I hope you have a chance to be outside and enjoy these glorious June nights.  We have already turned the corner, but it stays light until nine, and the golden sunsets are a must see.  (photo courtesy of my sis, when she visited last summer.  I am guessing we were in my back yard, enjoying wine with our sunset-can't wait for her to come down again!)

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  1. And, you will be posting some of the pics of the purchases you made today at 50% off and the list of things you need to add to your garden, right? Pretty please?


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