Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a night of nostalgia

As the sun headed toward the horizon, we loaded up the truck with the inflatable mattress, a soft old quilt, comfy pillows and warm blankets, boxes of movie candy and containers of freshly popped corn.  A Canadian front had been influencing our weather all day (thank you, dear neighbors to the north!) and it was the PERFECT night for a drive-in movie.

We try to get out there at least once a summer, few communities even have a drive-in anymore, and we feel we must take advantage of our good fortune.  It's $8 for adults, but only $1 for kids, and when you bring your own snacks it becomes quite a bargain.  I can still remember what it sounded like, at the drive-in in Bemidji, with the microphone snaking from the pole to the window of the car.   Mom had made popcorn and dad filled the white and turquoise thermos with his own Kool-aid concoction, I remember what it smelled like.  Kelly and I would put on our jammies and pile into the back seat with pillows and blankets, I remember what that felt like when the blanket slipped and my bare skin would meet up with the black vinyl of the Pontiac. We were up late, and having an adventure. 

Charlie and his friend Alec (he of the recently broken wrist, and full arm cast, poor boy!) settled in to the bed of the truck, while Mike and I lounged in our chairs with the radio tuned to the correct station.  The microphones are long gone, but the poles remain, so the driver still has to be careful when positioning the car.  And what movie brought us to the drive-in on this most beautiful evening?

Toy Story 3.  I firmly believe that Pixar can do no wrong, every film they craft is a winner.  And this one was no exception.  To make a movie that appeals to both adults and children is a true gift. (photo from Google images)

I love seeing the characters they develop for each toy.  Sensible Woody, helpful Slinky Dog, and the Fisher Price phone that is instrumental in helping them escape from Sunnyside.  My sister had that phone, and just seeing it brought back memories of her talking on it when she was a curly haired little girl.  Pure delight.  And I very nearly fell out of my chair laughing during Ken's fashion show.  Literally crying laughing.  And then later sobbing when Andy heads off to college, and I imagine Charlie doing the same thing, and wondering what he will do with his beloved toys.

Oh, the emotion this movie evokes.  And it is my fond hope that last night will be a memory indelibly etched in Charlie's mind, and some day he will tell his children about the magical summer nights we spent at the drive-in.  The crunch of the popcorn, the stars twinkling overhead as he pulled the covers up to his chin in the cool breeze and happily watched Buzz help save the day.


  1. What fun! I'm sure he'll never forget the great memories. I want to see Toy Story 3 too! And, I agree, Pixar is the best.

  2. Oh my word - what fun. I hope it is still around when the girls are a bit older. I love a good drive in. I have fond memories of hiding in the trunk to avoid the entrance fee.


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