Tuesday, June 8, 2010

combo week, day two

Always looking for an excuse to buy more flowers, I was thrilled when the Lane family presented me with this lovely pot holder for my birthday last year.  It is such fun to fill!

This year, I went with a white Begonia with the most incredible leaves (lost the tag, SORRY!), 'Yellow Moon' Torenia (aren't they cheerful?) and a 'Solar Flair' Coleus, for my main plants and filled in with assorted coleus that seemed to suit the whole color scheme.

When I sit outside and read my newspaper, I glance over at it, and it just makes me smile.  The flowers on the begonia hang gracefully from long stems, and are a little shy about showing off their gorgeous blooms.  The torenia are a showier bunch, happy to let the world know they are there.  The coleus are reminding me how very large they will get, and that I better remember to keep them pinched back.

What, your plants don't talk to you?

Speaking of coleus, I love to put together a mixed pot of a bunch of varieties for my rear shade bed-this group is practically singing with joy!

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  1. Very pretty! I like torenia a lot. I haven't used much coleus in the past, but your photos are convincing me. So showy.


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