Thursday, June 17, 2010

spinning his wheels in Huntersville

Huntersville is a tiny speck in northern Minnesota.  Pretty much a bar out in the woods, on the edge of a horse field.  But each year in June hundreds of dirt bikers converge on it, with campers and trailers in tow, for a weekend of racing.

It was Charlie's second race of the year, his first enduro of the year.  While it rained all the way there, as we drove from St. Paul, the sun broke through and the event was blessed with clear skies.

I positioned myself in the woods, not far from the start, and whooped and hollered each time he passed me.  He didn't even notice me.  Mike was out further in the woods, taking pictures, as always.

The race takes about an hour, he ended up riding about 15 miles through narrow trails through the woods, dodging branches, moving aside for faster riders, going as fast as he could.

He finished, and smiled proudly.

His dad was pretty proud too.

Another great day in the woods for a 12 year old boy, ticks and all.

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