Sunday, July 13, 2008

we love birthdays

My mom and sis just departed, we had a great time, but I always get just a bit melancholy after they leave. I would love to be able to see them more often than I do. Especially now that my sister needs lots of support and big sister hugs. But she is strong, and has wonderful friends, and she will make it through.

We definitely made the most of our time together. Thursday was Roseville day, as we love to look for deals at HomeGoods and Marshalls, and they enjoy going to SuperTarget as Bemidji does not yet have one. Then we introduced my mom to all of the yummy food at California Pizza kitchen, and a little shopping at Rosedale. In the evening, it was nice enough to be in the backyard with good wine and good friends, who never cease to amaze me with their generosity and kindness. (Tracy and Kari, you made my mom's weekend!)

Friday was St. Paul day: we started with breakfast at Bon Vie, bread buying at Great Harvest, and shopping at the Bead Monkey and Gypsy Moon. Since it was about 150 degrees outside when you factored in the humidity, we elected to spend the afternoon in my air conditioned house, making jewelry. The evening brought us to Ikea, and we made it home just before the big storm hit. What better thing to do in a storm than watch a wonderful movie? "The Other Bolelyn Girl", with a little wine and pasta salad. Excellent movie, women have come a really long way since the time of Henry VII.

Saturday the tropical weather had left us, so with a northerly breeze stirring the leaves and beautiful blue skies, we started the day with a stop at La Patisserie:
It's an incredible neighborhood bakery where everything is made fresh, EVERY DAY, with the highest quality ingredients, by Deb, who is an unbelievable pastry chef, and also a delightful woman on top of that. There are scrumptious breakfast treats: scones with local strawberries, chocolate croissants, the world's best cinnamon and caramel rolls, and cinnamon maple sticks.For that special occasion: incredible cheesecakes, eclairs, caramel bars, chocolate tortes, lemon tarts, napoleans, apple bars, strawberry bread, and cupcakes with the most amazing chocolate frosting you have ever had. Of course the offerings change with the seasons, and she does a brisk business in wedding and special occasion cakes. Like birthday cakes!

And once you have tasted one of Deb's cakes, you will never be able to buy one from anywhere else. You can't even describe how good they are, just like heaven in your mouth. Get something from her sometime, and you will know what I mean. She is just west of Snelling on Randolph Avenue. She also makes some fabulous sandwiches and soups, served each day from 11-2. The only day she's closed is Sunday, on Saturdays you just have to stock up...

After a day of shopping out in Woodbury (Land's End, World Market, Bed Bath & Beyond, and my mom's maiden trip to Trader Joes), we came home to await Charlie's arrival back from Cub Scout camp. He survived all of the nasty weather, I will do a post on his adventure sometime this week.

Mom blew out the candles

Got a birthday kiss from Charlie:And later, of course, we had "snacks for dinner". Our favorite meal! Guacamole, Fig Tart, mixed olives with feta, manchego cheese and sea salt crackers, and yes, just a little wine. Then it was time for another movie "The Notebook", which I had never seen or read. It was a multiple tissue tear jerker.

Sunday was a relaxing morning spent in our pj's, with the newspaper & coffee, Charlie's chocolate chip muffins, and a fun surprise visit from our favorite Matilda Jane girls. After an all American lunch at the new Sonic drive-in, it was time to pack up and hit the road.

I miss them already....

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