Friday, July 25, 2008


It's the last Friday in July!

I continue to ask, how does it go so fast?

Tonight we are thinking of packing up a picnic and heading to Como Park, just another one of the little gems we are fortunate enough to have in St. Paul "the most livable city in America". I didn't make that up, it's on the official St. Paul web site. Did they take a vote? Or is it just marketing at it's finest?

Anyhoo, here is the link to Como. If you have never been, you can take a little website tour:

I am thinking we will picnic somewhere in the park, maybe rent a paddleboat and cruise Como Lake, and perhaps head over for a rousing round of mini golf. I like to save the conservatory for the winter doldrums.

Perhaps you have just been dying for a kitchen update. Perhaps not. Here is the short version:

1. countertop on sink side measured wrong. can't hook up garbage disposal. waiting and waiting and waiting for them to come and remeasure, cut a new one, install again. pain in the butt.

2. can't tile backsplash, or install trim, or replace floor tiles until countertop in place.

3. on a positive note, my driveway is empty of all old cabinets and such. hurrah!

I guess I wasn't kidding when I said I thought the kitchen might be finished before Charlie goes back to school.

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