Tuesday, July 15, 2008

dangerous boys

Mike and Charlie spent several days at Camp Navajo in Wisconsin last week, the days were full of adventures. And nasty weather. They built fires:

Nice job Cub Scouts! They also did some hiking:

And a little reading (by headlamp, they weren't completely without technology...)

(Note the clever use of beach towels as additional bedding...)

Here are their accomodations-canvas two man tents, with cots on raised platforms. You will note that mom did not attend....

Charlie tied knots (clearly this was after a rainstorm):Enjoyed the wildlife:And one of his favorite parts-weapons. (rest assured no turtles or other wildlife were harmed-just paper targets).They had a great day for canoeing:

and Archery:

Best of all was getting to enjoy camp with his good friend Alec:

They work those boys, here they are helping set up for a meal. No vacation here, it's just like being at home!

And here is Alec with his dad, Mike. A HUGE THANK YOU to the Lanes for adopting Charlie on his last night of camp, since Mike had to leave early. You helped him weather the storm! And I am sure they would not have served beans for dinner that night if they had known you would end up sleeping in your van with the boys....

The staff does a great job, Charlie came back full of confidence, songs, and smiles. He is already talking about working there himself some day!

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