Tuesday, July 29, 2008

my man of steel

My hubby has become quite the dirt bike rider. (He's the one in the red-apparently his lucky color):
He just got new boots, as his old ones had literally worn out. With all of the options available, he chose WHITE.For which he clearly received some grief. If you can't read the addition to the picture modified and sent to him by a fellow rider, it says "Hey Pardner, them boots aint gonna look like that for long". Perhaps we spent too much time at the Star Wars exhibit a few weeks ago....

He moved up to B class, and has been doing fairly well all summer. But on Sunday he raced up at Mora, and won his class! That's Jeff Terrio, his car pooling mate (such a cooler way to say friend, the way they do in England. I have been watching "Long Way Round"...) who I landed in second place, and who is just ahead of Mike in the overall standings for the summer. That may be changing over the next few weeks.... I guess all of that conditioning and working out really has paid off!
I was going through the last few weeks of pictures, and just had to put this one in:

This was Charlie's summer soccer team on their last night. What a wonderful bunch of kids! They played together really well as a team, and most importantly, had a ton of fun doing it. See their coach? I think he is either a senior in high school, or just graduated. A GREAT kid. He did an amazing job of coaching those kids, and upping the fun factor. Thank goodness for those who volunteer their time and talents so I can sit in my folding chair and just relax.

Plans have changed a bit, we are delaying our trip up North by a day, but hope to extend it a day on the other side. Which would be even better, as this weekend the Tall Ships arrive in Duluth. www.visitduluth.com/maritimefestival. We've already booked our spot on the last Vista King cruise of the night on Friday, so we can see the fireworks from the water!

Of course, we don't need tall ships to enjoy Duluth:I am a big fan of the tugboats, myself. While my guys very much enjoy the thousand footers as they come through:And of course we will need to do a little hiking at Gooseberry Falls.

So today I need to pack, and finish up some ACES stuff. North Shore, here we come!

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  1. My Grandfather piloted those G tugs for 46 years! Why do I cry every time I see those..I will share a picture of me taking my turn at the wheel when I was 8.

    You also know I was the head bartender/tour guide on the Vista King...aahhhh, Duluth...aaahhh...memories...


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